Wolfgirl - A6 notebook

Currently unavailable
This notebook with a drawing have been made in a nice collaboration with Kirsika from Kolgaki Creative Studio, who has put them together by hand in her home studio in Tartu. This is a handicraft made in Tartu from start to finish :)

The size of the notebook is A6.
Inside there is 80 pages of 140g/m2 white recycled fiber paper.
The thin spiral is red to match the drawing.
The cover is slightly glossy.

It's a notebook in which you can draw, write and sketch with various pens, markers, ink pens, etc.
White paper is universal for sketching, writing, keeping a diary, writing down recipes, writing poetry... whatever you need an A5 notebook for :)

I hope the cover drawing "Wolfgirl" inspires you to create something exciting on paper! :)